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The storage of objects is made with perfectly organized process that includes full recording and a detailed description of the goods stored and the drafting of a private agreement which is a contract of storage delivery and collection of things, stating precisely the list of all stored objects.

With this document, the customer is fully guaranteed as to what he delivered for storage, when and under what logistics costs conditions (rent per month) and insurance cost for the period the storage occurs and for insured capital, which is determined by the customer, since that he/she is the best known for the value of his/her objects.

At Blue Aegean, we are able to provide bespoke packaging solutions for our clients. We design and manufacture anything from a simple pallet or basic transport case to bespoke packing solutions using the latest high-quality materials to ensure maximum protection for your cargo during its journey.

In conjunction with a choice of carefully selected partners, we also offer a full range of storage solutions. From outside secure storage for items such as plant and machinery to standard warehousing, right through to fully secure ambient storage for consignments such as pieces of fine art and other high-value items.